Friday, August 13, 2010

We are you too

Hello and welcome to We Are You, a blog about personal empowerment and transformation. 

My name is Doug Bialach, and I’m the site moderator.  I’m also a career professional specializing in digital hardware, content delivery, systems integration, and Internet tools.  I’m a family man and I have a disability.  I’m legally blind in both of my eyes.

In this live journal, I seek to convey information to my peers and the public-at-large about the daily experiences of disabled persons.  It is my hope that in sharing my own life experiences, the whole of the community can become more empowered; particularly as it relates to higher education and employability. 

At the behest of family, colleagues and friends, I will use my personal journeys as an able person living with a disability to tell my story and the story of others, while also providing a useful dialogue that informs of triumphs and challenges beyond conventional wisdom associated with the term “Disability.”

Persons with disabilities are not that different from everyone else.  You are us.  We are you too.

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